Pais it Forward

We must hold our breath / so we know we can breathe

We must face our fears / so we know we are alive

We must be present / so we know we are the gift

IMG_2409Impermanence is the idea that nothing is permanent. Life is fluid and ever changing. The moments of life join together to create what appears to be continuity, giving false impressions of permanent being.

vsco_080417 (1)As we speak the world is moving further from the past and closer to the future. We resist this change by finding comforts in the known and by acquiescing to our past.

Life is available only in the present moment. If you abandon the present moment you cannot live the moments of your daily life deeply” – Thich Nhat Hahn

6DBEB9AE-B73C-4B41-9D5A-18AB298FF91DWhen presented with the option of finding joy we often choose the current unhappiness due to its comforts and accessibility. What if we released these archetypes we fulfill, allowing ourselves to dive into the unknown? What awaits us may be more powerful than we thought possible and we may find ourselves in the present.

60EEED23-76AB-4402-B8F3-665C5C31A9E4I resolve to live in the present / to forget the joys and pains of the past

I resolve to let go of the anxiety / that restrains my growth

I resolve to find peace / by breathing in this body and in this moment



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