Living in a coastal surf town that attracts tourists year-round is an oddity for myself having been raised in the middle of the country. The only establishment within walking distance of my home were a Tom Thumb gas station and convenience store. We didn’t attract outsiders beyond the droves of tourist buses which frequented our outlet mall at the north end of the neighboring town.

I spent evenings riding my bike down gravel roads, escaping mosquitos and dragonflies and came home at dusk to close the door behind me, not thinking twice of whether to lock it.

With a couple stops in between, I now live in what many may coin a ‘highly desirable’ destination. I won’t disagree with them. I may miss my summers on the lake and endless miles of cornfields, but living in San Clemente is truly a special experience.

This once small village was originally inhabited by native Americans due to its proximity to the ocean for seafood in addition to its moderate climate for growing. I’ll attest to that and the year-round weather here is almost unearthly perfect. Fisherman still set up shop at the end of the pier to see what the bountiful sea may provide for a day’s work.

The city took shape into what we know it today in the early 20th century, after a visionary who’s legacy is still visible as marked by the historical Ole Hanson homes near Avendia Del Mar, today.

My reason for this writing is not to boast of quaint and perfectly sunny town, but rather to remind you to get out and explore your own town or city. So often we overlook the touristy attractions that we may have been dragged to as a child as we have checked it off our list. So much can be seen when you look through a new lens, whether that be age or experience.

Get out this weekend, explore your town and be humbled by your surroundings!