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2018: The year you start adding to your diet

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Let’s talk about New Years resolutions. You probably want to lose some weight, cut out sweets and/or alcohol, clean out that closet you haven’t opened for years, or reduce the time you spend in front of your screens. These are all great goals to strive towards, but what if for once, we focus on adding, rather than subtracting from our lives.

For 2018, I’m focused on enriching my life and the lives of those around me. I’m creating more meaningful relationships, spending time on increasing my knowledge of the world around me and adding, yes ADDING, to my diet.

Expanding a diet can come in many forms: supplements, a broader range of foods, utilizing more colors, finding holistic treatments for aches, pains or sickness and most importantly, spending more time thinking about what I’m putting into my body. I’ve always dreamed of being a nutritionist as it is something that can add direct value to everyone’s lives. None of us are perfect and we all stress about overeating, undereating, crappy eating, blah eating, etc. Being able to help guide individuals to lead their best lives possible through daily diet I would imagine is highly rewarding, but I digress.

How do you feel on a given week? Lethargic? Dizzy? Tired? Depressed? Often my weeks are not that down and out, but rather just a lingering feeling of not living up to my full physical potential. I wake up, make coffee, putz around as if the magical brown bean water will soon hit me like rocket fuel and I will jet into work ready to conquer world hunger. That never happens. I generally spend the day hoping the apple I eat, or the smoothie I consume will somehow give me instant gratification and make me feel like a supercharged supermodel. It doesn’t and it won’t, ever. To start building our bodies to live to their fullest potential, we need to start feeding them properly and practice patience. I’m sharing a few of my favorite supplements and practices in the kitchen, but what works for you? How are you helping shape the best version of yourself and how are you ADDING to your nutrition?


Kodiak Cake Waffles with Collagen Peptides and Chia Seeds!


I love adding in supplements to my day-to-day foods, especially smoothies & baked goods. Who says a pancake can’t be both satisfying and beneficial to your bod?

Amazing Grass – Protein Superfood and Belly Elixir

Sports Research – Collagen Peptides

Swanson Health – Lions Mane Mushroom and Chaga Mushrooms!

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes  – Whole Grains & protein won’t stop you from enjoying these amazing baking powder (waffles, pancakes, muffins, etc!)

Smoothie Bowl with AmazingGrass PB Superfood Protein, Collagen Peptides, Cacao Powder, Ice, Almond Butter, Banana, Almonds, Bee Pollen, Coconut Flakes and Chia Seeds


Spending more time finding fun (but easy!) recipes that will allow me to be creative in the kitchen and eat wholesome meals throughout the week.

Download the Yummly app for when you’re scavenging through your cupboards and only come out with an onion, milk and pasta – you’ll be surprised what you can make. I also love utilizing this app when I’m at the grocery store and realized my shopping list is rather bleak.

Frequenting your local farmers market can help introduce you to not only local and wholesome foods but also some fresh and seasonal offerings you may not be able to find in your grocery store.


Remembering that food is a means of survival can take the fun out of it. Add in colors, exotic ingredients and invite friends/family over to enjoy – you’ll find yourself around a table of love and laughter and your guests might just wonder if you can share your recipes 🙂

7 Replies to “2018: The year you start adding to your diet”

  1. I do enjoy adding new foods. I like to shop at Lidl and one of the things I love about them is their variety of produce and how they seem to add and rotate routinely. Any time I see a new fruit or veggie I havent tried, I like to get one just to see what it’s like. You never know if you don’t try!


    1. Right on! I recently discovered persimmons (not sure how I had never had them) and they were wonderful! Great for salads, or even with yogurt for breakfast. Colorful, fun and great for you. Thanks for sharing.


    1. They supposedly work wonders for your hair & nails – no time like the present. I tried mixing in water at first and it was horrible so now I add to smoothies or baked goods 🙂


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