Pais it Forward

I believe we all lead two lives: the one which allows us to be “successful” i.e. make money and the one which allows us to truly be ourselves. I’ve recently become “fun-employed” and therefore stuck in limbo, squashing the urge to return to a 9-5 and pushing full steam ahead with the desire to travel, read, take pictures, cook, reflect and live each day to the fullest.

I will share travel destinations and tips, some of my favorite recipes, beauty and wellness secrets as well as some super deep reflective stuff. Because we all have those moments and we are all human – let’s do this, together!

Paisitforward got its name from (Pais)ley+Pay (it forward) – my belief that we all should be paying it forward to those around us through sharing our best selves!

Want more of my photography?  Check out the link to my external VSCO portfolio.

When I’m not traveling I can usually be found at the local pier, watching surfers, taking pictures and drinking coffee from my favorite local shop

(Almost) all photos on this site are my own.  Pictures taken using iPhone or Nikon D3400.

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